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Karoll Brazil

Paloma Pink Compression Jumpsuit

Paloma Pink Compression Jumpsuit

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Beautiful, different and sexy, our jumpsuit with a crossed waistband with one shoulder in velvety compression ribs is our new launch. This jumpsuit is everything you needed to rock your workouts, zero transparency and super comfortable from our premium line. The Unique Collection  's  velvety ribbed compression fabric has flashes of shine that provide a sophisticated look. It is a successful mix of style and performance, featuring great elasticity and the right power to enhance the silhouette with comfort. A striking feature of this fabric is the high degree of compression, with a heavier weight than the light collection.

The jumpsuit has a scrunch butt .

This piece, made from power polyamide, guarantees elasticity, support and support. With its zero transparency material, it is ideal for high-impact exercises! Soft flashes of shine finish off the design of these pieces with style. The ties guarantee the perfect fit to the body.

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