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Karoll Brazil

Purple Flare Leggings

Purple Flare Leggings

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Designed for: Workouts, Everyday Wear

Cross Over Front Overlap V Waistband

The FLARE pants are the ones you won't want to take off your body! The waist with the crossed waistband provides all the comfort you need, and the flare model makes any look perfect and stylish! Sophisticated, feminine and sensual, this trouser model highlights the curves of a woman's body, without making the look vulgar.  The wide leg features a touch of sophistication, as well as making the piece super comfortable for training. Flare pants are a democratic piece that flatters all body types and leaves a woman's silhouette very feminine.  

Flare pants  have a crossed waistband and a wider pant collar , with no seam that lifts the butt or strings.

Furthermore, it is developed in light polyamide fabric with elastane to ensure comfort and lightness when practicing physical activities. 


Composition: polyamide with elastane

Warranty:  against manufacturing defects

Washing instructions:  washing should be done by hand with neutral soap. Do not let it soak and do not wring it. Dry in the shade. Do not use bleach. Do not hit the machine. (we do not exchange if the washing method has not been followed)

Care: wash your fitness before using it, excess dye comes off in the first wash, because some fabrics have a high content of dyes.

Colorful items: fabrics in strong colors have low solidity and therefore tend to release paint, especially when in contact with water or sweat, for this reason we advise you not to wash with other items even if they are also colored. When drying, do not let water run onto other parts of the product, as this could also stain it, so remove all excess water from the item, just kneading it without wringing it.

Note: pay attention to the use of the color of the underwear, always prefer lingerie without prints and in a neutral color.

By following our guidelines you will be taking care of your pieces in the best way and we are sure you will not have any problems! Attention: problems caused during washing or use are not the store's responsibility.


  • Color changes may occur in products due to lighting.


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